About Us

Imagine this: an early evening at the beach at your dream destination. There you are, soaked in the golden sunset, facing the waves in front of you, a light breeze, mystic sky, hot summer skin, a glass of rosé, snacks, laughter in the distance, bonfire and your favourite song.

OH OK Studio was created to take you there. Wherever, whenever. Driven by beauty, passion – a lot of passion – youth, sun, heat, sparkle and momentum, it is a modern twist on ancient Greek and Roman jewellery, designed in Germany and hand-made in Bali. 18-karat gold, resting on pure sterling silver; a good reminder that some things are worth having. Forever.

The brand’s jewellery is made at an ethical jewellery production company with a long tradition of high ethical standards in looking after their employees. Apart from following labour and social policy standards, they also have a proven track of record in terms of environmental care, particularly the industrial waste, which is correctly disposed and if possible recycled and neutralised with a minimum impact on the habitat.

Everything is sourced conflict free, handmade out of 100% certified recycled sterling silver, 90% recycled gold, 90% recycled packaging. 

The most important thing for us is to create quality products, to not overproduce but listen to demand and to be as sustainable, as we can be. This means we still have some way to go to be a 100% in this field, but we are trying our best, so that you can treat yourself and loved ones with a good conscience. Thanks for being part of our journey.