To keep those bohemian beach vibes going, we recommend taking proper care of your jewellery. Remove your favourites when exercising, showering or bathing, keep them at a safe distance from perfumes or cosmetics, store them properly and we promise they’ll stay golden and shiny for a long, long time.

Please do not use harsh chemicals, oils on your jewellery.

 First of all, gold filled or gold plated jewellery is not solid gold. All our jewellery is Sterling Silver, 18K Hamilton Gold Plated.

 There are several aspects on why tarnishing may occur over time due to the nature of the metal. For example one of the factors might be the acidity of your skin and another one may be the way your jewellery has been looked after or what it has been in contact with. Make sure your jewellery stays dry and cool and specific cleaning cloths are recommended.

 Our shiny pearls should be kept out of extreme temperatures and should not be cleaned or polished with a gold or silver cleaning cloth nor should they come in contact with any chemicals.

What's your ring size:

In general, it's hard to know the right ring size, especially if it is for a friend, your partner or a family member. 

The most commonly purchased women’s ring sizes in Australia and the UK are size J & K (small) and a UK L & M (medium).

This is an easy way to calculate your ring size or check out this Ring Size Calculator (foreign link) 

A few things before you measure your fingers: 

1. Your ring sizes vary from mornings and winters, where the finger generally are slimmer to evenings and hot temperatures such as in summer. ADD ON: During a pregnancy, your finger sizes will change as well. 

2. Decide on which hand you want to wear the ring, as your size varies from left to right. 


Ok let's start: Cut out a paper strip max 1cm wide, 8-10 cm long 

1. Wrap the strip lengthwise around the finger you want to measure and pay attention that the strip doesn't sit too loose.

2. Mark the end of the overlap and measure the distance in between. 

3. The results in millimetres fit your ring size